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Easy Ways to Duplicate Applications on Android
Easy Ways to Duplicate Applications on Android - Google Play Store has a myriad of unique applications to try on Android smartphones. Not infrequently users need the same application but with a different account. To overcome this, created an application that serves to replicate other applications.

Duplicate Android applications

One of the best multiplier applications on Android is the App Cloner created by the Listo App. Interested in trying it? First, download the App Cloner app and install it as usual on Android.

Then open the application and select the application you want to duplicate. For example here we try to double the Spotify application.

Select the application and in a new window you can edit various things, such as application name, color, and icon to make it easier to distinguish from the original application. Click the check button to start copying.

If so, there will be a new APK file from the application multiplication that you can install. After the installation process is complete, you automatically have two similar applications but with a different account.

That's an easy way to duplicate applications on Android. To delete the clone application, you can enter the "Clone Apps" tab. Good luck!

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