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How to Activate Dark YouTube Mode on Android
How to Activate Dark YouTube Mode on Android - As is known, Google has just added a dark mode feature for YouTube applications on iOS devices, be it iPhone, iPad or iPod. This feature will change YouTube's appearance to be darker, so that the eyes don't get sick quickly.

Although only present on iOS devices, Android users can bring up this dark YouTube mode feature using a special trick. Unfortunately, this trick can only be used on Android that has been rooted.

Activate the Dark Mode YouTube Android

Using the method of changing data in the sharedpref file, you need the Preference Manager application that can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. Download and install the application on Android.

Open the application and don't forget to give root access, then search YouTube on the list (if there is no activate show system apps). Then open youtube.xml and search with dark keywords. Change the two values from false to true.

If there is no value, you can add the Boolean type value manually (theme_dark_app and theme_dark_watch_panel) and change it to true. After changing, click save and force close the YouTube application.

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