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How to Add a Fingerprint Function Other Than Opening the Lock Screen
How to Add a Fingerprint Function Other Than Opening the Lock Screen - The smartphone security system is now more modern, ranging from passwords, fingerprints, face recognition to iris scanners. Especially for fingerprint, it turns out you can add the function so that it is not only for unlocking.

Using the help of an application called Fingerprint Swipe below, when you swipe your finger up, down, left or right, the application will execute the command that the user has previously set. You can set simple commands such as flashlights, notifications, navigation bars to run an application with just a fingerprint swipe.

Add smartphone fingerprint function

Interested in trying it? First, first download the Fingerprint Swipe application and install it as usual on Android. When activating it, you must provide Accessibility access so that the application can run optimally.

Then go to the Fingerprint Swipes menu and set commands for each direction. For example here we set the right direction to activate the flashlight, left to turn off the flashlight, below to bring up the notification and top to eliminate notifications.

In addition to these functions, you can also control volume, scroll, control media, call certain applications and run a shortcut. For the record, screenshot commands and screen scrolling may only be done on Android that has been rooted.

That's an easy way to add a fingerprint function other than to unlock it. With this application, of course an activity on a smartphone will be able to run faster just by sliding your finger. Good luck!

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