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How to Beautify ScreenShot on Android
How to Beautify ScreenShot on Android - Screenshot is certainly not a foreign thing in the smartphone world today. Screenshot taken from this smartphone is generally used as a reminder, proof or even presentation of a product.

To enhance the look of the screenshots to look different than usual, it looks like you can try the following application called Screener. This application made by Toastcode will make your screenshot more interesting by adding a frame from a smartphone.

There are at least more than 100 smartphone frames from various models, ranging from Apple, ASUS, Blackberry, LG, HTC, OnePlus and many more. In addition to smartphones, there is also a frame for smartwatches that can be tried.

How to beautify screenshots

Immediately, first download the Screener application and install it as usual on Android. Then open the application and download the model you want to use from three different categories, Flat, 3D and Minimal.

Open the downloaded model and click the "+" button to add a screenshot. You can also add shadows, gradations, crop and change the background color through the settings below.

After finishing creating, click the export button in the top right corner and select Save to save the image or Share if you want to share it immediately. Good luck!

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