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How to Delete Photo Background on Android
How to Delete Photo Background on Android - There are many Android applications that can be used to edit a photo, from adding effects, manipulating images, to deleting background images so that they can be pasted to other objects.

One of the application recommendations for editing photos and removing the background image is Background Eraser. Applications made by handyCloset can be used quite lightly because the size is only 1.5 MB and has been downloaded more than ten million times on the Google Play Store.

Remove photo background on Android

Interested in trying it? First, download the Background Eraser application and install it as usual on Android. Then click the Load Photo menu and select the photo you want to delete the background.

After selecting a photo, you can crop the image first to make it easier. Image deletion can be done in the auto or manual menus. For the Auto menu, the application will automatically delete the background of the same color. While for the manual menu you have to delete it slowly.

Do not worry if there is an error deleting an image, here is an undo and redo menu to make it easier for users to return the image to its previous form.

That's the easy way to delete background images on an Android smartphone. When it's finished, the image is automatically saved in PNG format, but you can also convert it to JPEG on a white background. Good luck!

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