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How to Download Torrent Files on Android
How to Download Torrent Files on Android - Watching movies is an exciting activity on Android. Currently there are various streaming applications that offer many interesting films for you to watch. Even so, not a few of the users who prefer to download movies rather than having to stream continuously.

One way to download movies that are usually done is to use torrent. In general, torrent files can only be downloaded from the desktop. But you can still download torrent files on an Android smartphone using the following methods.

Download Torrent on Android

First of all you need the uTorrent application and install as usual on Android. Then click the search button and search for the file you want to download, here we try to find Jumanji's movie.

Make sure you look for sites that provide torrent files. If you have found it, click the torrent or magnet link file and choose uTorrent. You will be directed to the application and the download process is running.

Besides movies, you can also download other files such as music, documents, games and so on if the torrent file is available. For how to use it the same.

For info, the slow or not download process depends on your internet speed and also the number of users who download similar files. Good luck!

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