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How to Hide Files in the Android Calculator
How to Hide Files in the Android Calculator - Previously we have discussed how to hide photos and videos using an Android application called Gallery Vault. But apparently, there is a more unique way where you can hide both files in the calculator application.

Hide files in the calculator

Called Calculator Vault, you can not only hide pictures or videos, but can also use Audio, text and take pictures or videos directly from the application.

Immediately, first download the Calculator Vault application and install as usual on Android. When first opened, the application will ask you to create a password, choose one that is easy to remember.

The application will function like an ordinary calculator, to enter the hidden menu, enter the password that was created earlier. Click the "+" button in the lower right corner then you can add image, video, audio and text files that you want to hide.

If the smartphone supports the fingerprint feature, you can also activate it via the settings menu. That way there is no need to enter a password when you want to access confidential files.

That's an easy way to hide files on an Android calculator. Don't forget to activate the Uninstall Protection menu in the settings menu to avoid the application if it is accidentally deleted. Good luck!

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