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How to Record Videos Silently on Android
How to Record Videos Silently on Android - The increasing number of unique applications on the Google Play Store, capable of making Android smartphones have a myriad of features that were never thought of before, one example is recording videos quietly.

Using this application called Background Video Recorder, you can record videos without needing to enter the camera menu, so that no one else sees that you are recording.

Recording Video Secretly

Interested in trying it? Immediately, first download the Background Video Recorder application and install it as usual on Android. Open the application and click the video button below to start recording.

This application also provides widgets that can be installed on the homescreen page. When the widget is pressed, recording will automatically begin. To end it, you can click the stop button in the notification.

You can enter the settings menu to set the video configuration, starting from the location of the camera, autofocus, notification costume, video quality, video orientation and much more.

That's an easy way to record videos quietly without opening the camera application on Android. If you still have other application recommendations, don't forget to share in the comments column. Good luck!

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