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How to Remote PC from an Android Smartphone
How to Remote PC from an Android Smartphone - Android apps currently have a variety of unique functions that you might never have guessed before. For example, through an application installed on an Android smartphone, you can control a desktop device, whether it's a computer or laptop.

One of the best applications to do this is PC Remote. This application created by Monect allows you to change the function of Android smartphone as a PC controller, starting from mouse, keyboard, gamepad to play games and much more.

Control a PC from Android

Curious to try it? Just download the PC Remote application for Android and don't forget to install PC Remote software on your desktop. If both have been installed, open the Android application then click the Connect to PC button to start connecting.

Once connected, you can enter the Utility Tools menu and try directly the functions that have been provided, such as a remote desktop to control the Windows screen from a PC, Data Cable for wireless file access, powerpoint control, multimedia, projectors and cameras.

One thing that is not less interesting, the PC Remote application also provides controller features. Through this feature, you can easily control the game that is being played on a computer or laptop. So, when you forget to bring the original controller, you can still play the game.

That's an easy way to control a PC directly from an Android smartphone. Oh yes, to speed up the connection and minimize lag, make sure you use the same WiFi network. Good luck!

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