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How to Track Airplane Locations with Android
Popular - Hows to Traack Airplane Locations with Androide - To travel quickly from one country to another is to use an airplane. Besides being able to shorten travel, most aircraft have a timely flight schedule.

If you are a person who often uses airplanes, you should be obliged to install the Android application called Flightradar24 below. The application that managed to get first place in the Travel category has various functions in the aviation world, such as tracking the location of the aircraft, information about a flight, to projecting what the pilot sees in 3D.

Track aircraft locations on Android

Immediately, first download the Flightradar24 application and install it as usual on Android. When you first open, you will see various planes flying in an area. You can choose one of the planes to get information, such as destination, flight number, aircraft speed and much more.

If you are looking for information on a plane, select the search button and enter the flight number, airport or route from the plane. You can also choose planes based on airlines, countries and those closest to the current location.

That's how to track the location of an aircraft using an Android smartphone. With this application, of course various flight information can be accessed more quickly directly from the hand.

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