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How to Turn the Android Screen into a Versatile Ruler
Popular - Hows to Turn the Androide Screene into a Versatiles Rulers - An Android smartphone with a large screen gives its users a distinct advantage, ranging from a broader view, a better gaming experience until you can turn it into a versatile ruler.

Turn the Android Screen into a Ruler

To change the function of the screen to Android, you need a Ruler application made by NixGame. Immediately, first download the Ruler application and install it as usual on Android. Open the application and automatically the ruler can be used.

Applications that have been translated into more than 15 languages have four measurement modes that can be used depending on needs, such as Point, Line, Plane and Level. As for the units there are cm, mm and inches.

If you feel the ruler isn't accurate, you can do calibration via the settings menu. There are also settings to change the appearance to be darker and the screen stays alive on the Pro version. Good luck!

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