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How to Remove Default Applications on Android without Root
Popular - How to change Default apps on Android without Root - Every Android smartphone, especially those that don't use the Android One or Pure Android interface generally have a variety of built-in applications installed in it. Some are useful and not, applications that are commonly called bloatware eat large enough storage.

Eliminate the default Android application

If your smartphone includes a lot of bloatware and wants to remove it, it looks like you can try the following methods.

First, open Settings> Apps and then look for the application you want to remove. Click the Disable button to disable the application and the application will downgrade to its original position.

By clicking the Disable button, the application will automatically no longer appear on the homescreen page and will not automatically update from the play store.

Although it can't really be removed, at least by disabling the application, the storage space used is not greater than when the application is still active.

Especially for those of you who have rooted Android, you can delete the default application to the roots using the help of the System app remover application. Good luck!

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